cropped-komosa-logo1-2.jpegWhen Kevin began his company over 10 years ago he had a vision, passion and a strong set of skills. As the sole proprietor of Kevin Komosa Enterprises LLC, Kevin defines his company with Pride and Professionalism.

Kevin Komosa Enterprises LLC has grown from a side gig into a multi-division, million dollar construction Enterprise. Over the years the company acquired many pieces of machinery and vehicles and the fleet is now the blood of the company. Kevin and the employees that represent the company are its heart, and a lot of heart it has. A contractor with heart is a contractor who satisfies. Kevin is proud to offer his clients exceptionally high standards and limitless capabilities. From Excavation, septic systems, foundations, construction, landscaping, trucking, and snow removal. Kevin Komosa Enterprises is your true full-service company.

Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner Kevin has the experience you will appreciate throughout your project. Kevin looks forward to creating relationships and enjoys maintaining those he has made through the last 10 years. With pride and professionalism, quality skills, top knotch employees and machines, Kevin Komosa Enterprises LLC is trustworthy to execute your construction dreams and needs.